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The panel of 5 judges will be announced during December. Please come back soon for further information.

Judging process

All work submitted during the open submissions period will be considered for an award, provided it meets the eligibility requirements.

Upon completion of the open submissions period (November 9th - December 6th, 20xx), submitted work will be referred to a panel of 5 judges. These judges will then perform the first-round judging process to determine a list of finalists, which will consist of four different submissions of work per category (except for category 10: The People’s Choice Award).

Finalists for categories 1-9 will be announced on December 15th 20xx and will be listed on the Y Design Awards site. Additionally, finalists will be notified by email and telephone. Further information/materials may be requested of them at that time, including the provision of a 3-minute (maximum) acceptance presentation created using HTML5. The acceptance of each category winner will be displayed at the annual Awards party. They will also appear on the Y Design Awards web site until next year's awards.

These same 5 judges will then begin the second phase of judging for categories 1-9 on December 15th 20xx. After this second round of judging, one winner per category (except for category 10: The People’s Choice Award) will have been chosen by the judges.

On December 15th, all finalists will also automatically be entered into category 10: The People’s Choice Award. At that time, the online community will be able to vote from this list of category finalists to determine the winner of the People's Choice award. The People’s Choice Award voting will take place between December 15th and December 23th. Three winners (1st, 2nd, and 3rd Place), will then be selected based upon the largest number of online votes received from the online community.

All winners, chosen by either the panel of judges or by the online community, will be first announced at the Y Design Awards party. No finalist will be notified of the outcome of the awards prior to the Awards party.

If you have any questions, please email YDA at entries@ydesignawards.com before submitting your entry.

Y Design Awards

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